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America Has Serious Issues

And Real Change Can't Happen Until Washington Starts Putting America First

Create Economic Prosperity for All

Reduce the National Debt

We need to address America's economic challenges quickly. Lonnie will fight to curb wasteful spending and reduce the 33 Trillion Dollar National Debt.

Fair Trade Deals

Lonnie will work to restore fair trade deals that boost the economic prosperity for all Americans and put America's interests first in our foreign trade relationships. 

Protecting Social Security

Additionally, Lonnie is committed to ensuring our seniors have the retirement security they deserve by honoring the promise our government made by protecting Social Security. 

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Restore Public Safety

Secure the U.S. Border

Lonnie is committed to securing the U.S. border from the record number of illegal immigrants infiltrating our country and bringing crime and drugs.

War on the Drug Cartels Additionally, Lonnie will go to war on the drug cartels to rid our streets of drugs. Drug addiction has wreaked havoc in Lonnie's family, so this matter is personal.

Support Our Police Officers 

Lonnie will be an advocate for our police officers by providing them with the resources and respect they deserve. Join us in making our communities safer and more secure, creating a brighter future for all Americans.

Fight for Family Values

Pro-Life Legislation 

Lonnie is committed to the sanctity of life. He is unwavering in the fight to restore America's family values.


Protect Parent's Rights

Lonnie vows to fight to keep socialist, racist, and woke agendas out of public schools, preserving the integrity of education. He will fight to protect partent's rights in shaping their children's education. Join Lonnie Powell in the mission to fortify our family values, defend parental rights, and create a wholesome future for our children and all Americans.

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Establish Peace Through Strength

Maintain a Strong Military 

Lonnie Powell is a proud veteran and is dedicated to addressing America's military challenges. Lonnie pledges to maintain a strong military ensuring our nation's security.


Ending Wasteful Spending Additionally, he's committed to ending wasteful spending within our defense budget, making every dollar count.

Supporting Our Veterans 

Another top priority for Lonnie is supporting our veterans as they've dedicated their lives to safeguarding our freedom. Join Lonnie Powell in the mission to fortify our military, eliminate waste, and honor the brave men and women who've served our great nation.

Restore Free Speech & Democracy

Securing Elections 

Lonnie Powell recognizes the challenges facing America's democracy. He is committed to securing elections and protecting the integrity of our democratic process.


Stop Liberal Judges

Moreover, Lonnie is determined to uphold the rule of law and stop liberal judges from abusing their power.


Freedom of Speech

Lonnie will fight to protect our freedom of speech as a cornerstone of democracy, championing the right to express diverse viewpoints. Join Lonnie Powell in defending our democracy, upholding the Constitution, and preserving the principles that make America exceptional.

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Tell Washington It's Time to Start Putting America First

Support the Campaign

Lonnie needs your help to fight for conservative values and putting America first.

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